How to setup a VPS Server (Windows server 2012)

How to setup a VPS Server (Windows server 2012)

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Bz-6Z82FctM” title=”How to setup a VPS Server (Windows server 2012)” upload_time=”2015-05-01T16:15:42.000Z” description=”In this tutorial, we will learn about the VPS Hostings and their configurations. Topics will be covered: 1.VPS Server Configuration. 2.Windows Server 2012 installation”]


Александр Чернышов

at 1:47 pm

Awful sound

Chethan G

at 6:57 am

Thanks for this walk through video. can you please share some knowledge on how to host multiple websites on a godaddy VPS. I have a self managed windows vps and could not figure out how to host multiple websites. Only the default website is working, but cannot run on any other ports. Request your help on this 🙂


at 3:06 pm

bad sound ruins good guids..


at 4:41 am

How do you open that Extern Monitor?

Kuldeep Singh

at 2:29 pm


Tarun Mandal

at 1:08 pm

I am unable to connect my MS SQL server. Giving me the error A network related or instance-specific error occured hile establishing a connection to sql server.

Ethan Webb

at 7:04 am

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your titles in English,
so why arent you?

Chanda Jee

at 3:59 pm

sir je es par mail send nahi ho rahi

Hindi Tuts Zone

at 3:37 am

hello bhia apka number milega

Rohit Mhatre

at 9:52 am

Out of memory while installing sql serer 2012 ?
10 GB of memory was available . Please help me ?

Raj Div

at 3:14 pm

Like boss 🙂 Fantastic job…

sunny le

at 1:45 pm

first time full detail of vps in hindi…
you are real indian bro..

Fahad Mehar

at 2:01 pm

Bro! I want to setup ZNC from VPS, Can you make video for that. Please. ?

Aum Mahajan

at 7:19 am

Does it required license copy only? Also I’m unable to use Internet over my VPS purchased from GoDaddy itself and also 2012R edition.

Another query being noob here is, how do you transferred that setup file to VPS?

Real Insurance

at 7:33 pm

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at 3:09 am

how about in English? lol

Yardley Urbanek

at 3:37 pm

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at 4:33 pm

Will the code from linux will work on this vps please answer? Thank you

rahul kumar

at 10:02 am

bhai. software cant run on virtual machine. how to solve this problem.

Kenji Pelin

at 9:15 am

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