How To Get Free Linux Vps [Ubuntu] 2017

How To Get Free Linux Vps [Ubuntu] 2017

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Reset Hosting

at 2:24 pm

How to login putty.

Mostafa Osama

at 1:18 am

oh areeb how are you man im mostafa osama UR friend on FB
(Sa sa)

Roots Game

at 6:24 pm

how get permission ?

Amjad Iqbal

at 5:58 am

areeb kuro haal aii ,, mike ee puchno wo k vps 24 hour halnu agar browser close kari deje ??

Jamie Smith

at 10:36 am

BC ma Ammad xD

Mohammad Umair

at 3:40 pm

areeb where is password>?

faze bari

at 4:38 pm


Ultra Gamer

at 11:38 am

I just done everything but i dont know how and what to do with putty which port and ip i have to give in putty help me out of here dude

قناة سنوب الرسمية

at 8:55 pm

waht my ip ???

David Andrews

at 5:00 pm

Bro can you please tell me how can I run Ubuntu with Internet on this VPS?


at 10:06 am

How do i put in my console cient?


at 10:51 pm

How to create SAMP SERVER? I write: ./samp03svr & and error: File not found..


at 10:29 pm

Thanks Bro.. It’s Working . #root Access .. can you please tell me how do i set custom domain for wordpress site. right now installing Ubuntu Gnom Desktop.

young gamer

at 5:15 pm

areeb memon i already have installed ts3 server on linux but from where i get my server ip

Phong Nguyễn

at 6:27 am

this is vps hosting???

Daniel Blackbird

at 1:21 pm

limits : no admin access – server will disconnect when close the window

Cheto Gamer

at 12:02 pm


Marc Tobias

at 1:08 pm

how to on the Vps

Pro Gamers

at 4:54 am

Bro i have a problem. The Agent that is controlling this server is offline.
Could not add server