[Guide] How to [Buy] & [Maintain] a VPS [Virtual Private Server]

[Guide] How to [Buy] & [Maintain] a VPS [Virtual Private Server]

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”zxZXOui5cog” title=”[Guide] How to [Buy] & [Maintain] a VPS [Virtual Private Server]” upload_time=”2010-01-03T11:02:31.000Z” description=””]


Mitch Disbury

at 1:32 pm

Thanks for the help man (:


at 10:48 am

if u wanna put somethin on vps to run it you gotta install it and do everything for it right?


at 10:50 am

also if u are doin somethin on the vps can u go back to ur own computer or only stay on the vps?


at 12:23 am

dammmmmm i think i just woke the whole house up with that music at the end lol

J Mac

at 1:43 am

turn the damn music down or at least learn how to make it gradually get louder.

Philip Plahn

at 5:39 pm

For me it took like 30 minutes for it to set up :O I used the Swedish Vps host ipeer.se

William Allen

at 6:38 pm

@theguideofme lol ya


at 9:43 pm

can you help me setup my vps please im having troubble i dont have a single clue how to so can u get back to me please

kenny stewart

at 11:38 pm

it is fucking ssh now and i have no idea on how to use that plz help me

Skully Trax

at 11:54 pm

Just got my vps and im wondering, do you have to portforward on a vps?


at 1:36 pm

HSDMusic whats name song ??? minutes 0:00 – 0:10 ??


at 4:32 pm

Just because it have it’s own IP doesn’t mean the port is open by default. 99% of the providers have all allow on ports however, so it won’t be a problem – unless you choose someone that’s shit.

Randy Southwick-Drew

at 6:20 pm

does a vps have a different IP than your home computer?

Blue Jhon

at 3:29 am

do you think it is cheap?

Jeremy Jk

at 11:51 pm

you call that cheap? u must have rich parents.


at 8:58 am

It’s awesome tutorial. Everything was fine except loud music on the end lol. You voice was not loud and I increased the volume but music was so loud…
Anyways thank a lot for making this video.

PRO Clan

at 12:47 am

Can u use this to DDoS.. Not saying i would but do they allow it or not?