FollowLiker Tutorial: Instagram VPN/VPS Setup Tutorial for FollowLiker

FollowLiker Tutorial: Instagram VPN/VPS Setup Tutorial for FollowLiker

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”E91g9LwOxT8″ title=”FollowLiker Tutorial: Instagram VPN/VPS Setup Tutorial for FollowLiker” upload_time=”2017-02-18T23:54:55.000Z” description=”Hey guys, find the links mentioned below… Get GreenCloud VPS — Remote Desktop Connection for Mac— ➧”]


Aaron Ward

at 12:20 am

Frequently Asked Questions —

1) What is a VPS?

Virtual Private Server (a computer you can rent and gain access to through an application)

2) Can I just run my software and exit my VPS connection?

Yes, your VPS will still remain running. You can reconnect to it at any point and followliker will still be running on it.

3) My VPS isn’t working what should I do?!?!?!

Please contact GreenCloud VPS support team. They are more helpful then me 🙂

4) Do I need to use proxies with my VPS?

You can run 3 accounts on your VPS IP. Then you will need to purchase proxies for any other accounts you want to automate.

5) FollowLiker won’t install?!

You need to contact FollowLiker support and ask them to reset your license (it stops people from stealing and using your license key).

Marcus Antonius

at 6:32 pm

Why choose for LA if you’re in Europe :’)


at 6:06 am

Hi ! well done, I love your course very much. But I have one question, If I use VPN, the IP change very time can I still use VPS?

Kimberly Scamman

at 10:16 pm

Hi Aaron. Thanks for all the great info! Would being on the VPS on iPhone give me the ability to still post to IG from my phone? I would prefer not to post from FL. And, If I want to run more than 3 accounts do I still need proxies and how does that work with the VPS?

Ash Jones

at 9:16 pm

Hey there Aaron, I have just purchased your course literally 5 minutes ago! I am about to purchase the VPS you recommend and wanted to ask if I should select France as location, being as I am based in the UK?

Estilo de Vida HBL

at 3:54 pm

Hi Aaron. I wated to buy budget -1 for 10USD a Month but you said that FL won’t work in a 2008 server. I saw the FL page and they said you can run it in WS2008. I just want to run 3 or 5 accounts only. Will it work? Thanks!

Alonso Haro

at 3:00 am

Hey great video! I only have a Mac, Can I still run this?

TheTv ShowP

at 5:27 pm

hey can we have 10/15 account with 3 different proxy and only the VPS of the house ?

Calm Eddie

at 7:29 am

Hello Aaron, your turning me into a guru lol. with the choose your OS option. is it ok if i choose windows even though i have a mac computer? (SUBSCRIBED)

Jonathan Coates

at 4:52 am

You’re awesome man!

Calm Eddie

at 12:24 pm

Hey Aaron! Do you think I should purchase the Proxies from this sit e also? Have you tried the Proxies on this site? (SUBSCRIBED)

Ben laamiri

at 4:32 pm

Hi Aaron.
i purchased the software for all accounts(408 Dollars), and i downloaded the zip files, but it won’t install???
can you fix this please!

Ben laamiri

at 5:11 pm

this is my error “Can’t unzip .zip files… (ERROR 2)”

Calm Eddie

at 10:53 am

Hi Aaron!? Would i have to leave my computer on for the vpn to work?

Sammy Martinez

at 9:12 pm

Hi Aaron, so would it be possible to use the vpn of my university? If I can connect by remote desktop?

pedrus sentez

at 4:48 pm

hi aaron, i watched the video of the proxy setup at the page highproxies you linked down below the video. now i noticed, that highproxies offers vps too for 6$ a month. So thats a cheaper alternative. Have you allready tried it out? do you think it would work? or should i better get the greencloud one? because my starting budget isnt to high. has it the same functions a s the greencloud one?

Brink PK

at 4:17 pm

Does this work with other versions of followliker such as twitter?

Brink PK

at 4:32 pm

With the budget VPS we need to type in a NS1 and NS2 prefix after our hostname, Could you explain why this is and why you don’t type it with the bigger plan?