(WORKS IN 2017) How To Setup a FREE VPS Server!!!

(WORKS IN 2017) How To Setup a FREE VPS Server!!!

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”F31xQh7e51Q” title=”(WORKS IN 2017) How To Setup a FREE VPS Server!!!” upload_time=”2015-03-03T02:01:48.000Z” description=”Click the annotation/ card for the updated version still working in 2017! Looks like you want a free VPS? Well you’re in luck! In this tutorial I show you how”]



at 2:37 pm

I can now DDoS thx dude


at 11:31 am

i have no card..plz help

Dev Mani

at 3:17 pm

thanks bro

Mohamed Hashkeel

at 9:44 pm

i need account plz sir

Syed Fahim

at 10:43 am

Does they provide dedicated IP in the trial period? What great different does it makes when dealing with a static IP or a dedicated IP?


at 3:00 am

Hey Jerry i have a few questions to ask and i hope you will be patient enough to answer them 🙂

First off thank you so much for this!

1- Does this vps(i’m still new to vps so you can call me a noob lol) work even when my laptop isn’t switched on? Or does it require the laptop to be on in order for the vps to work? (considering it is virtual which means it should work without the pc being on idk)

2. Does it provide a different IP address than the one that my laptop is already using? Because if it doesn’t then it would defeat the whole purpose as i want to use a VPS so that the IP is different.

Thank you very much in advance, Jerry! 🙂

Cosmo Pix

at 4:05 am

Ok, so what if I use a program that posts instagram pics for me (automated posting), but it can only work when computer is on. Will a VPS allow the program to continue to run even when the computer is off?

DJ Overspin Gaming

at 9:30 pm

2+gbps download and upload, isn’t too bad.

Kiraro The Kitsune

at 3:16 am

“Free” *asks for debit card* Yeah, there’s a trick.


at 10:00 pm

dumbass, now there is obligate to register to log in to the console