SMTP/VPS How To Send 20,000 emails a day With Bulk Emailer

SMTP/VPS How To Send 20,000 emails a day With Bulk Emailer

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Manan Dulpikor

at 4:23 am

I want to learn to make smtp relay admin, there would be teacher? Please hhe

corey campbell

at 12:52 am

How can you send over 100k emails that appear to be coming from my outlook so that they can reply back to it and reach me? I also want them to be personalized with a mail merge field so that their first names show up on the emails?


at 12:00 am

Absolutely Awesome. I tried with regular accounts and it worked for a moment but this is it. Praise the Lord!

sachin s

at 5:08 pm

emails are reaching Junk even after checking spam. can someone help?

Let Clique

at 5:58 am

Hi,Thanks for the wonderful video.I am using hostgator but i am finding it difficult to get the outgoing server details.Can you advice.Thank You

LP Concept Co., Ltd.

at 7:40 am

Sorry Guy but this is NOT an installation on a VPS! You are using a Godaddy hosted account! ALL Godaddy hosted accounts are LIMITED to 250 Outgoing emails per day!

one piece

at 7:36 pm

can you give me licence.nbd of programms because is Not work …. PLZ

Ganesh Saha

at 10:18 am

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Geraint Evans

at 3:00 pm

I like your videos but, How can we send 20000 emails a day when we can only send 1 every 8 seconds??? Please reply!

Opeyemi Morakinyo

at 9:29 am

How to get good smtp

dahhou el hassan

at 5:01 am

Thank you

Ryan Poopypie

at 8:21 pm

doesn’t work with a secure server like godaddy…didn’t find that out until after I bought

Mark Lewis

at 4:05 pm

I have not used this software yet, but this is something i need for group emails. Can you do some follow up on how to import and clean up existing email lists? Thanks

Asif Shaikh

at 6:36 pm

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Elkan Hokan

at 8:53 pm

Wow Man You Really Help me Out Wt This <Thank you Sooo Much< You Made It very Easy!

raymond lee

at 11:02 pm

I see that you did not change the SMTP port numbers. My go daddy setting is 465.
Can you also show me how to set “Unsubscribe Button” in the email?

Zubin Shroff

at 12:49 pm

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Kayode Seun

at 1:03 am

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at 4:13 pm

Thanks for these informations! – I wanted to ask you if the SMTP/VPS setup process, that you’ve shown in this video, is applicable to any other “email blaster” program (Sendblaster, Atomic Mail Sender, ect) ?
-In order to make these desktop email-senders work is sufficient to attach an SMTP address to them? Or is there something else I have to be aware of?

syed samiulla

at 9:22 pm

Awesome software iam buying this

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