Setting Up LEMP Stack (Ngnix and Ubuntu 16) on VPS to Deploy Laravel App

Setting Up LEMP Stack (Ngnix and Ubuntu 16) on VPS to Deploy Laravel App

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Jn-pVupm1Jc” title=”Setting Up LEMP Stack (Ngnix and Ubuntu 16) on VPS to Deploy Laravel App” upload_time=”2016-09-01T06:38:53.000Z” description=”How to install LEMP stack on a Virtual Private Server (Digital Ocean and Vultr) for Laravel 5 app deployment. In this part we install Linux, Nginx, Mysql, and”]


Epic Gamer

at 4:55 am

Why do we need to use -p for creating a folder name in laravel like this “sudo mkdir -p /var/www/laravel” even sudo “mkdir /var/www/laravel” should work right?Actually I am new to linux command and I am using putty.So please help me out here.

Nitin Vashist

at 10:49 pm

could you please tell me how to connect filezilla to vultr, because someone setup website on vultr and took the money and now not responding and telling me how to do it and i need to make some change to my website.
i am not able to access my website directry.

Herr Wasserfall

at 7:32 am

Super helpful, the links are broken tho


at 1:23 am

I’m getting hype following your tutorial! wow this is exactly what I need to learn. Thank you so much!

Hernan Nicolas Molina Majek

at 4:42 am

OMG!! You are a hero!!!

Lucas Parzianello

at 11:45 pm

$10 credit in Digital Ocean in the link below 🙂

Lim Jian

at 7:50 am

Use gedit instead of nano, this opens up a text editor in a new windows, easier to view and change the contents.

Mohammad Alamgir Siddiqui

at 8:34 am

Thank you for all the videos, they are awsome, i am a fan! Anyways i didn’t get the vultr credit ?, is it still available?

Irfan Khoirul Muhlishin

at 12:35 pm

How can i deploy multiple Laravel project on single droplet?

Ashok S

at 1:57 pm

Hello Alex,
I m on your Community. As I tried to deploy a test case application, I got stuck when i installed php-mbstring. It displays as unable to locate php-mbstring. I ve tried php-5.6-mbstring, php7.0-mbstring and also i could not found any solutions on the internet too. So im asking you.. Could You help me out. Im using Ubuntu 15.04 as my vps server.


at 12:13 am

With a one click app (LEMP)
Can I start on step 8 , to deploy laravel ???


at 7:36 pm

Thanks 🙂 Good tutorial, also thanks to Demis about security. (somehow managed to setup)
And i got a little nervous: Got server with Apache2 installed. Uninstalled and installed Nginx. But Apache2 landing page was still visible ^^

Elvee Nana

at 12:48 pm

How can I deploy with windows? Or can I use windows machine and follow the same instructions and make it work?