Physical vs Virtual Servers

Physical vs Virtual Servers

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Matt Dundas

at 6:07 am

Thanks, nice and simple to understand 🙂

Hunky Hulk

at 12:55 pm

Love the way he explained this… I totally understand! Thank you Jeff.

Amjad Malik

at 10:15 am

Very Nice Video …

Mokey Gaming

at 11:22 am

Really Virtual server are some times the way to go. It depends on your internet connection.Your computer speed and processors ram ect. For me I’ve got the highest you can get on my internet connection 50mb/s download 5mb/s upload. For me a Virtual server would be the way to go. I’m probably thinking about going virtual. I currently(well did) run about 10 different servers tf2 minecraft gmod. I could get more RAM without having to install it my self.


at 6:27 am

Base on your explanation, I take that the virtual server would be a more expensive and complex than the “regular” server.

preet khatra preet

at 5:38 am

Well done
Thanks Jeff 🙂

Roger Wittekind

at 10:47 pm

I love your video and people in the FBI need to see it because they talk about Hillary’s e-mail server as if it were a physical server when it was really just a virtual server that can be easily backed up to a flash drive or transferred to another location with just an Internet Connection.