Microsoft Vps | Get Free vps Admin from Microsoft vps Unlimited

Microsoft Vps | Get Free vps Admin from Microsoft vps Unlimited

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”F25alLN43g4″ title=”Microsoft Vps | Get Free vps Admin from Microsoft vps Unlimited” upload_time=”2017-06-07T18:10:35.000Z” description=””]



at 10:13 pm

how much time he work ?


at 4:57 am

tnx bro

mili king

at 2:32 pm

can u please get one for me pls pls ?!!

Leonardo Terenti

at 3:28 am

do not have administrator access anymore.


at 10:39 pm

It wont let me install things,why?

Naymul Hasan Tanvir

at 1:23 pm

Is this vps is temporary??


at 12:09 pm

انا عملته وفتحته بس لم اجي احمل جوجل كروم يجيب خطأ
secutiy alert
يقولي اني لا استطيع التحميل لماذا؟؟؟

4teckarab 4teckarab

at 4:59 pm

khoya had rdp machi b admin makibghich ytelecharger wmli kanbghi nkhdal internet option man internet explorer makibghich wla hta man server manager bach n9ado

mohamed magdy

at 1:22 am

ياريت حل بسرعه بالله عليك
دلوقتي انا لما بحمل الملف اللي هو بامتداد rdp
بيبان عندي انه ملف عادي مش لاقي برنامج افتحه بيه
مثلا يعني كأنك محمل فيلم ومش عندك برنامج بيشغل الفيلم دا
وبيقولي open with ومش عارف ايه الحل

The Robot Guy

at 9:24 am

i cant access as admin


at 10:44 pm

the pc speed is so slowwwww how to fix that


at 12:34 am

this vps block the donwload now no anymore donwloads

Legend’s Mind

at 12:45 am

it wont let me download any file! its says the current security couldnot allow to download in internet explorer when i download google chrome it give this error nad can’t downlaod any thign please help me out my muslim brother!


at 1:06 pm

plz contact me ! i need one emergency !!

David Ewen

at 7:23 pm

Nice video tutorial bro. Can I ask…does the vps delete itself after the 2 hours are up or do we have to delete it?
Also, can we have more than 1 vps on the same hotmail account. In other words, can we get a different vps every day on the same hotmail account, or do we need to create a different hotmail account each day? Thx.

shoza peer

at 12:06 pm

Very Good working,,,,, Thanks for the Video

Skiper Zona RolePlay

at 1:35 pm

security aleter how to download file?


at 4:01 pm

Thanks So much!


at 9:37 am

will this make my ping lower?


at 2:30 pm

Hi i havefollowed your video but cant download any applications on it? can you help me please?

Joseph H H

at 4:58 am

Error of server

Dr. Ch3sT3R

at 1:46 am

hahah not life time LoL 30 days only…


at 7:54 am

I have a problem with the browser when i open a website like speed test or any site he doesn’t work


at 9:15 am

what is the ip


at 9:16 am

for the vps server

Zcash Brasil

at 6:58 pm

Hey man music?


at 7:29 pm

its not admin 🙁

The great Tom

at 10:26 pm

I installed teamviwer to it and I can still use it now I got it 2 weeks ago

Phong Nguyễn

at 1:39 pm

I dont find “zure virtual machine and computer”. Help me , please. Now, it still work?

Abdul Rahman

at 7:25 am

Need azure rdp any seller here…

AniMe LiVe

at 4:19 pm

My friend I can not access Facebook and YouTube .. Why?


at 8:04 am


محمد منصور

at 6:45 am

You are not authorized to access that resource. بطلعللي هيك

joymay navia

at 11:08 am

Please email me 🙁
or you can add me in facebook i need help :'(

Blodbm Nakio

at 4:07 am

Hello friend, I liked your video and tried and I could do it successfully but when surfing the internet with different browsers it does not leave me 95 & page it comes out a notice blocked to what should I solve it? I would appreciate your answer — new sub

Mohmad Uoniam

at 1:51 am

لمدة ساعتين فقط


at 4:58 pm

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FunUp vines

at 12:24 pm

matrix when i download idman its say that site was blocked by policy what i do now ?


at 10:33 am

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