Top 10 Most Innovative Car Technologies of the Last Decade

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Top 10 Most Innovative Car Technologies of the Last Decade

The car has come a long way in the last decade; many new technologies have been developed, some of which are now standard in most cars. Today, we will take a look at the ten innovative car technologies of the last decade. These technologies have made driving safer, more efficient, and more fun!

Lane-Keeping Assistance and Adaptive Cruise Control

These two technologies are often found together, and they work to keep your car in its lane and at a safe distance from the car in front of you. They use sensors to detect lane markings and the position of other vehicles, and they can even steer your car for you if you start to drift out of your lane; these technologies can make highway driving much safer and less stressful.

Voice Recognition

Most of us are familiar with voice recognition from our smartphones, but this technology is now finding its way into cars as well. You can use voice commands to control your car’s climate, navigation, and infotainment systems; some cars even have hands-free calling and texting capabilities.

Autonomous Emergency Braking

This is a life-saving technology that’s becoming more and more common in new cars. Autonomous emergency braking uses sensors to detect obstacles in your path, and it will automatically apply the brakes if it senses that a collision is imminent. This can help you avoid an accident altogether, or at least minimize the damage.


That’s right – your car can now have its own WiFi hotspot, so you can stay connected even when you’re on the go. This is great for working on the go, or for keeping the kids entertained with their favorite shows.

Quick Charging

Whether you opt for a Volkswagen in Peoria AZ or another manufacturer, many new cars now come with quick charging capabilities. This means that you can charge your car’s battery much faster than before, making it more convenient for you.

Automatic Parking

If parking in tight spots is not your forte, then you’ll be happy to know that many new cars now come with automatic parking capabilities. This means that the car will park itself, without you having to do a thing.


Most new cars now come with some form of built-in navigation, whether it’s a touchscreen display or a more traditional GPS system. This can be a lifesaver when you’re traveling in unfamiliar territory – nobody wants to get lost.

Keyless Technology

When you get the keys to a new Volkswagen Peoria Arizona, you might not actually need a key at all. That’s because many of the new models come with keyless technology, which allows you to unlock and start your car with the push of a button.

Smartphone Connection

These days, it’s hard to imagine life without our smartphones. That’s why many carmakers are now incorporating ways to connect our phones to our cars, so we can stay connected even while we’re on the go.

Automatic Liftgates

Finally, automatic liftgates are becoming more and more common on new cars. If you’ve ever struggled to open a heavy liftgate with your hands full, you’ll appreciate this feature because sensors will assist you.