How To Make A Virtual Server

How To Make A Virtual Server

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”kYfoksfp914″ title=”How To Make A Virtual Server” upload_time=”2015-08-16T13:35:59.000Z” description=”Learn how to make a simple virtual server for home use using free software! I go through the steps kind of quickly in the video, but you can find full steps,”]


Arya Kvn

at 10:30 am

Please make a video on how to connect Raspberry PI 3 to each other to make a strong PC for making several VPS on that small but powerful PC . Thanks ! ?

Kgotso Mashinini

at 1:43 pm

hey in getting the following: Fatal: no bootable medium found! System halted.

what does that mean?

Ronnie Ng

at 10:04 am

yay I can run windows on my phone

Ronnie Ng

at 10:38 am

error code 0x104 help

Adam Stewart

at 1:40 pm

1:16 Lol, you gave it 4 megs of RAM.

Talkative Tech

at 11:19 pm

I was thinking about launching 10 virtual machines at one time with around 2-3 different servers. I found a awesome server from a rep company on ebay. The machine as pretty good specs 4 amd quad core processors 32gb ram 5tb of hard drive space. Also the price is good to 250$ +75$ for shipping.

Amethyst Edmond

at 4:47 pm

Can I just say that you are so awesome and very very helpful, my only concern is how fast you go sometimes. I think I could keep up with a little added instruction from Google and I really appreciate what you do. So thanks. Lol


at 11:58 pm

Hi Please tell me how I can access VPS (create through VirtualBox at my dedicated server) through remote desktop connection or SSH? In VPS how I can add a IP so with this IP I can access VPS from RDC or SSH?

Iconic Jay

at 3:36 pm

PuTTy server?

Tanner Timothy

at 6:23 pm

What is installation media?

Jerrel Ajoeb

at 12:15 pm

Is it possible to run 20 Windows server VMs on 1 single host, without encountering technical issues in a timeframe of 6 months? Technical issues caused by lack of hardware resources.

potato potato potato potato potato potato potato

at 9:13 am


Dev AmGM

at 1:42 pm

Make it always online?

Philip Grove

at 7:10 pm

You don’t need that much disc space. Never allocate 100% to a VM up front, the chance of all of them using 100% is effectively zero.

It’s dangerous to split the cores of a CPU, since they are part of the same chip they share resources such as cache. But in some cases can also cause throttling of each other. Don’t do the math expecting dedicated cores, that is not the way task switching works.

Keith Lau

at 4:17 am

I love you Tinkernut. I’ve enjoyed your videos for years. Please don’t use those transition noises ever again. That was unbearable.

jacopo valanzano

at 11:34 am

Tha fuk you got on your hat mate?

Blacken Now

at 3:10 pm

Best Explaination of VPS watch this

Solom Sindi

at 7:34 pm

Virtual box it’s not working good with big server. and lot of VMs. You need Vmwar Esxi , den server, hyper-V

SnapSpik Two

at 9:17 pm

So if I am live streaming on the virtual machine server and turn off my PC the live stream will not stop?