How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

A Haircut

How Often Should You Get A Haircut?

There is no predefined answer to how often you should cut your hair; however, it can be assumed depending on two things. If your hair ends look visibly damaged, and secondly if the hair looks way different from the style you originally meant to achieve. 

Hair cut regularly is the most cost-effective technique to maintain healthy, strong and long hair. Frank’s gentlemen’s salon is one of the best salons for men’s haircuts in Denver. Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon is a space for men to relax, freshen their style and be pampered and is most suggested whenever it comes to men’s hair salon Denver.

Why Should Men Care For Their Hair? 

Split ends can cause further damage if timely haircuts are not performed. Some of the signs that you need to give immediate attention to your hair is if the ends of your hair become sticky or gummy in texture, if the curl patterns start losing their shape, split ends travel up your hair shafts if your hair tangles easily and becomes snaggy at the bottom. It is advised to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, but it may differ based on the length and the type of hair.

For specific hair types, find the dedicated time

a. Short hair

Short hair needs more maintenance and regular cuts than any other hairstyle. It is advised to trim between three to five weeks if you want to keep holding the style and strictly maintain a look, but if you are more relaxed, it can be stretched to four to six weeks. If you are planning to grow your hair back, wait for a couple of months before getting a nice trim.

b. Long hair

Long hair is a lot less forgiving when it comes to trimming. Most people don’t want to lose their length; hence, trimming after six months is advisable. Thicker long hair can wait for trim, but thinner hair needs frequent trims. 

c. Curly Hair

Although there are many types of curly hair and curl patterns, there is one thing common between them to figure out when to get a trim. When the curl starts to lose its shape, that’s your cue to get a trim. For wavy or medium curly hair, get a trim between 6-12 weeks but for kinky patterns and tight curls, get a trim after a couple of months.

d. Layered Hair

Tons of layers require higher maintenance and regular trims to maintain the look. The layered hairstyle unfolds a new look a month after the trim but then comes a time when it grows unevenly, thus destroying the look. Therefore, it is advisable to get a trim every 8-12 weeks.


Frank’s Gentlemen’s Salon provides detailed hair cuts and an array of precise hairstyles for different hair lengths; hence it is the best Men’s hair salon in Denver. It is important to schedule your trips because no matter how well you maintain the hair, the hair tips will give up after a point.