Full VPN Tutorial (Virtual Private Network)

Full VPN Tutorial (Virtual Private Network)

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”06zIxqAmxq4″ title=”Full VPN Tutorial (Virtual Private Network)” upload_time=”2013-12-30T06:36:12.000Z” description=”This is a full in depth tutorial on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). This tutorial will show you how to setup a VPN for the PC and Xbox 360. The video also”]


Wideband Records

at 12:15 pm

Great video bro..
You should and many should make videos stating who shouldn’t be following this video or any like it, like on XDA devs way back in the day where we state that anyone watching or reading should have great post knowledge, education and training in networking even a ms cert and a certain age to avoid bricks and unsecure network, also so it don’t mess up home network aka mums computer or expose little bros and sisters in house to seeing crazy stuff.

Cheek Disoot

at 9:40 pm

I’ve got a 100 Mbit/s Connection, and i get +80 Mbit/s on servers within my own country. And +60 Mbit/s throughout the rest of Europe using Torguard.
A bit more expensive than the competitors, but it’s Worth it. Also, no logs! 😀
https://torguard.net/aff.php?aff=1586 Best of all? 24/7 Support!

dragonskater nonfabulous9691

at 11:26 am

now this is a noob question xD but will this make the xbox 360 connect to xbox live without making me pay for it every fucking year ( i feel dumb now)

Sophia Cypria

at 11:29 am

Yes true true true you will be completely protected no worries your IP will be masked and secure to say like if you wanna go to the US then it will hide your Ass and make out your IP is in America so to be able to view blocked sites over there such as Hulu etc…

Nice Vid Hon X

ly A. karim

at 9:24 am

Hi dude
Thanks a lot for your video on VPN. Great set of information but i wonder if there are other modifications to do to use VOIP apps such as Skype with a VPN cause our providers here in Morocco has started a war against us by blocking these services. Additionally, is there any other resources (books, websites,…whatever) to learn more about VPNs.
Thanks a lot!

UKz NatioNz

at 6:03 pm

Thanks Bro! Epic Video!


at 10:15 pm

Great video!
considering using a vpn cos you need a vpn.
It’s the best.

Kodi Guy

at 12:14 pm

you really want to know your ip address is blocked and not masked go here http://www.whatsmyip.org/ then click this tab–> more-info-about-you/

Tessy Clerk

at 9:46 pm

I have being using hma vpn and its so cool.

Jake Kenslow

at 1:56 am

is there a way to connect to servers that normally won’t let you connect from a vpn

Jordi Plays

at 12:38 pm

For some reason after I set up my VPN it won’t let me find any games on bo2 please help


at 10:19 pm

6 minutes of why I should have vpn. If I landed on your video,I must already have a reason.

Xyrus xy

at 1:11 pm

Open NAT Type . try Port Forwarding and DMZ to your Internal Console IP Works like Charm.


at 8:56 am

Cyberghost ftw

zombie hazard

at 1:34 am

mate are u irish 🙂


at 8:48 am

All the adds for hma in the comments is laughable.read the terms and privacy policy. Hma is about the worst vpn. Located in us and keeps logs that they hand over when requested. And cmon don’t use a free vpn. If a service is free, you are the product.

Neil Cross

at 2:22 am

All due respect Scotchy, you started off speaking like you were on speed (so fast I could understand your name and where you were from) than rambled on for 10 minutes about why we need one and how little time you have to explain. VPN requirements also extend beyond illegal activity and cater for those who wish to access private networks like working from home but require company access. Your traffic will skyrocket if you follow a plan and cover informative topics. If you indexed your video by topics of interest you would actually see how informative your video is. Sorry, hope you’re not offended by my constructive criticism 🙂

Zephyr Morales

at 5:43 am

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Yardley Urbanek

at 10:40 pm

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Katamba Richard Jovine

at 7:07 pm

i like it coz it seems helpful to peo[le like us who are ever limited on some websites

ede shalini

at 10:16 am

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Zelfa Cruz

at 2:49 pm

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