Club Penguin Private Server: Virtual Penguin Gameplay

Club Penguin Private Server: Virtual Penguin Gameplay

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”sZ64jRw6w_4″ title=”Club Penguin Private Server: Virtual Penguin Gameplay” upload_time=”2015-06-23T14:23:25.000Z” description=”Hope you like it! Virtual Penguin is like VIPenguin but with more features like Changing Party and Sizing! HOPE YOU LIKE IT! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Game: ~~~~~~~~~~ Song:”]


faizyab ali

at 11:36 pm

awesome videos

Willow DoesStuff

at 9:24 pm

How do u get the bata party?

Gamer Flozer

at 1:02 am

Beta party over but im not sure if you can get them by saying !ai 413


at 10:19 pm

………I made clones…..

Jam Pinguin

at 3:16 am

se tarda mucho


at 8:58 pm

Another cool private server Club Penguin game is Free Penguin it comes with free membership and has the same date as regular CP and the graphics are same too 🙂


at 7:56 am

dude its closed is closed


at 10:09 pm

I miss it so much

Kawaii Fluffy Pony Games

at 3:17 am

i miss it ?

Penguinsamin CP

at 2:13 pm

Its Back Up Again 🙂

Gymnastic Girl

at 6:18 am

i dont know why but i dont have party switcher in the game


at 1:08 pm

It Just Sends Me To A Bank Website… Is There A New Link for it?