2008 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server (2008 Version)

2008 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server (2008 Version)

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”UucBA2Ppe5E” title=”2008 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server (2008 Version)” upload_time=”2011-09-24T09:43:40.000Z” description=”2008 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Server (2008 Version) implementing RRAS. Re-encoded in HD so you can see the text. For more updated version see the 2011″]


Don RuggedA.

at 8:23 pm

Great post. I am trying to set up a VPN for the first time just for educational purposes but my personal computer is windows home edition, therefore I cannot join the domain controller for my server. How do I configure it so I can just access my server from any outside computer?

D Rojer

at 4:31 pm

I would say.. Aweson job, very clear voice (easy to understand) and nice step by step
Thanks for taking your time

Mominul Kabir

at 10:52 am

I have to say it’s awesome, thank you very much. actually i had no idea how to create the VPN connectivity. so, now i got learn how to create that. Thanks once again.

Gunjan J

at 7:17 am

Danke !
It was very useful. 
I have another machine, a Linux, connected via cross over cable with the Win Server.
Now, I can ping this Lin if I directly logon to Win Server.
But as a VPN client – from outside – VPN connection is a success. I can ping the internal Windows IP, but I cannot ping the Linux server.
I don’t know how both Win and Lin can be accessed after I connect to VPN.

Jose Solorzano

at 4:02 pm

Thank you! Very helpful.

Jerry Skefos

at 8:13 pm

Warning: this tutorial will be a waste of time if you have Server 2008 R 2 Standard SP 1 edition of Windows… The tutorial continuously deviates from what the OS presents…
1) the server manager isn’t in the control panel
2) for the wizard to set up VPN and NAT, you don’t just select which interface your computer uses to connect to the internet and then go on to IP address assignment… instead it tries to make you select which interface to use for VPN and then which to use for NAT.  (We didn’t even have two interfaces to choose from–we have a normal network in our office where we can all connect to the internet behind a firewall and share files over our network… yet all of that goes through ONE interface on the server, not two!  There was no explanation of how to set up a second one….)
3) Overall there’s just lots of useless blabber about irrelevant things and no real help for the average person who would need to watch a video to get help setting up their VPN on Server 2008.  After the whole thing, we’re in the same place we started… except probably less secure…

chima chichi

at 7:22 pm

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at 10:05 am

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Courtney Clarke

at 12:58 pm

Nice video but i think that was an attempt at a joke here 10:55????

Let me know :)))