Traditional Media Planning – Does It Work

Traditional Media Planning – Does It Work

In today’s scenario when everyone is busy in the world social media 24×7, many people are doubtful about the relevance of traditional media planning. The only answer to this doubt is that traditional media is still relevant and is used by almost every business as an effective tool for marketing its products and services. Though the ways of marketing have changed to some extent, still traditional media planning works effectively.

Some of the facts provided here under can help you to understand the relevance of traditional media planning in the present context.

  • Every person who on an average watches TV for nearly 5 hours also listens to the radio for at least over 100 minutes every day
  • Though digital newspapers are gaining popularity still more than half of the people prefer to read printed newspapers as you will have to subscribe with the channel to read digital newspapers.
  • Nearly 75% of people rely on the information they get from print media or from radio and TV which are the main sources of traditional marketing media.

Thus it shows that traditional media planning works even today when a number of modern media platforms and forums are gaining popularity in the world of marketing. The main reason for the relevance of traditional media in the present world of marketing is the long relationship between it and the consumers because they communicate with masses directly.

According to the experts, people prefer to read the story of an event on the established sources of news even if they can use online sources for this purpose.  Moreover, the news provided by traditional media has more authority and credence for users than online sources.

Tools of Traditional Media

Some of the time tested tools of traditional media planning may include:


Radio is one of the most traditional media sources that was listened to by almost everyone before today’s sources of online media came into existence. Even today many online radio shows allow you to participate in their programs to tell the story of your life. These interviews can also be posted online through your social media accounts or your own website.


A major part of traditional media is related to print media which included newspapers, magazines, weekly and monthly tabloids, etc. Though emails and online newsletters are gaining popularity these days still many people rely on the information and stories published in related print media. For this reason, many businesses have started using informative content related to their industry instead of promotional content only to make it more reliable for their online visitors.


It is assumed that almost every person in this world watches TV programs and shows of his choice for at least 5 hours every day. So, most of the businesses use this traditional media as a potential source for marketing its products and services as the visuals on it can convince the viewers by telling the stories of their interest. Moreover, many companies that do not have any solid news to give to their viewers also use television to telecast lifestyle shows to keep their audience engaged.

Thus, traditional media planning works effectively even when the world of digital marketing is gaining popularity today at a faster speed.

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