Keeping Your Office Network Safe – Preventative Steps to Avoid Being Hacked

Keeping Your Office Network Safe – Preventative Steps to Avoid Being Hacked

Every day, it seems as though another business is in the news for a major hacking. Unfortunately, no business is immune from the attention of hackers these days, and it’s a major issue across all industries. Hackings are dangerous because they take employees away from their jobs to clean up, they harm the reputation of the business, and they release potentially sensitive information about either the business or consumers. 

As well as the initial reputation and financial damage, companies can also receive fines and other penalties for hackings. Therefore, it’s fair to say that security is essential in 2021. Here are some things that you can do to limit the risk of attacks! 

Try WPA2 

If you want to protect all passwords on a business network, investigate WiFi Protected Access (WPA). This is an encrypted, secure protocol that should protect passwords and eliminate risk when attackers attempt to target your network.

Use a Virtual Private Network 

As the name suggests, this is a private network through which the business connects. Essentially, everyone in the business will join this encrypted connection. As soon as the protected connection is lost, the kill switch is activated, and you’ll disconnect. In other words, you protect the business from hackers. 

Two benefits of this solution are as follows: 

  • No unnecessary data is stored after the session ends 
  • Even remote employees can connect to the network without risking sensitive information 

Remove File Sharing 

When running an office network, never allow file sharing. Why? Because all users of the WiFi connection can see the files that have been passed through. Instead, only allow file sharing on specific file servers. 

Change Passwords Regularly 

If you still use the same password that you created when first setting up the business, it’s time to update all your accounts. The longer you leave passwords the same, the more susceptible they become to hacking. Although it might seem like lots of hassle at first, you’ll soon introduce a simple switching system. Everyone will look forward to the password switching date…almost. 

Always Update Software 

Remember that update that you’ve been putting off for your device, a particular piece of software, or even the WiFi router itself? These aren’t just pointless updates; they normally contain important security updates and fix bugs and other problems. By ignoring updates, you’re not addressing simple security problems and, again, leave your network open for criminals. 

Manage Access 

When using a VPN, software, and other tools, it’s easy to lose control of who has access and who doesn’t. Jump forward two years and people who have left the company still have access to critical systems and sensitive information. In 2021, you cannot allow this to happen.

Every so often, manage who has access to all the systems in your business. Remove anybody who no longer needs permission and keep a tight grip on your network. 

Encourage Two-Factor Authentication 

Most devices and tools now offer two-factor authentication to ensure that somebody up to no good cannot access your network. Two-factor authentication typically uses something you know (like a password) and something you have (like a phone) during the login phase. Even if a hacker has your password, they cannot log in without a message sent to your mobile device. 

Bonus Tips 

Other preventative measures include: 

  • Work with an external IT support Jupiter team (outsource and benefit from their experience and resources!) 
  • Use a firewall (and pay attention to it) 
  • Encourage proper training for employees
  • Delete all spam emails 
  • Encrypt all files 
  • Restrict DHCP 
  • Use SSL certificates 
  • Change your original network name 

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