How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!

How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”c8PNJfDjFQg” title=”How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!” upload_time=”2013-12-23T18:49:11.000Z” description=”Looking for a quick, easy way of hosting a website on a VPS host? A virtual private server is particularly quick at serving webpages to users, and usually doesn’t”]



at 1:14 am

uh when i try to connect on putty i get a connection refused error any ideas?

Shaun Rambaran

at 3:02 pm

This was very comprehensive. Thanks!


at 7:34 am

I connect to the domain that I create and I get out of the zpanel

Mohamed Sheeraz

at 7:57 am

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at 5:43 pm

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Sajib Mohanta

at 9:53 am

This steps is old go this link to create a website it’s worked

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at 3:12 am

Digitalocean is great, but I heard OVH is a lot better for vps services, but self hosting, in my opinion, is the best choice for hosting, despite the higher time devotion and more security considerations to keep in mind.

Creative Studios

at 10:53 am

Nice Tutorial But You Must Have To Show How How To Setup DNS Server

Jarrod Marsh

at 5:33 am

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Toàn Nguyễn Duy

at 8:24 am

I play alongside DIgital Ocean it gives $ 10 to new registered users, use also very stable. You have a need to register your link. Link: