Dns server setup on ubuntu vps (master+slave)

Dns server setup on ubuntu vps (master+slave)

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”dLKtbjfALQQ” title=”Dns server setup on ubuntu vps (master+slave)” upload_time=”2015-04-17T03:53:15.000Z” description=”How to setup master slave DNS server in ubuntu 14.04 VPS. This video will explain the concept of a DNS server and will also explain the steps in how to configure”]



at 10:33 am

thank you very much!!!!!, it helped me a lot! i could solve my problem of DNS

Gaurav Rishi

at 7:46 pm

Can you please help in creating the cache DNS.

Minesh Bhadeshia

at 2:48 pm

sirji its really help me lots … i follow this video and got success … thanks for video… 🙂 keep uploading … its reference of new fresh person like me 🙂


at 6:54 pm

Thanks vijay,
you guy rock

Fuzzy Mannerz

at 8:42 am

Thanks dude, this helped me a lot!

Narek Musakhanyan

at 1:24 pm

You just helped we with my DNS setup on my ASO ubuntu 14.10 VPS .Thank You.

ashok reddy

at 4:06 pm

hello hi i had a small doubt
here you are using mevijay.in for both master and slave servers(ns1 and ns2)
i need to configure my ubuntu server with one one doamin server(dns authoratititve)do you have any idea how to configure it

Felipe Eduardo Toro Taucán

at 10:10 pm

gracias por el tutorial :D!

shivang patel

at 8:28 am

Suppose, I have my 16GB 8 core Ubuntu Server with installed two virtual(machine) ubuntu server. I want to make those two virtual server as a ns1 and ns2 for my domain http://www.mynewsite.com. So, What will be the flow of managing DNS ?
Main ubuntu server connected with TPlink router.
Such a complex networking for me… Please suggest for it. Thank You.

Alain Uy

at 10:59 am

will it create a local file at the slave server?